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One in Four is a nonprofit coalition of Pennsylvania voters who can’t support Trump for president. We are very afraid of what will happen with a second term of this administration and at the very least, are exhausted by 4 years of circular debate around his actions, beliefs and objectives.

The mission of the One in Four project is to provide a pre-election accounting of at least 3 million of Pennsylvania’s 6 million voters who will pledge to “Not vote for Donald Trump”. If we can achieve that goal before November 3, everyone can focus on other things knowing that Pennsylvania will not be supporting his re-election. By sharing our stories and demonstrating our united commitment, we support each other in knowing that we are not alone in our desire to bring this administration to a close. The complexity and different perspectives around climate change, immigration, the economy, healthcare and the pandemic, and what to do about them, make it difficult to reach consensus on these topics. Alternatively, by focusing on his behavior, values and leadership skills, our common humanity allows us to reach agreement on the facts around who he is, what he does and his “playbook” for winning another term.


One in Four supports the national efforts of organizations such as The Lincoln Project and Republicans Voting Against Trump. But our focus is Pennsylvania, where we live and work. We would rather be effective in our smaller objective than attempting to achieve more than our resources will allow, and failing.

In an age of Covid 19, we believe that supporting mail-in voting will be key, allowing everyone, regardless of their restrictions of everyday life or concern over contracting the virus, let their voices be heard. To this end, we support voter registration and helping Pennsylvanians navigate the new early vote-by-mail procedures.

These are our stories and our message. Together our voices are powerful. And if they are heard, we are hopeful that next January we will welcome a new administration and can begin a post-Trump future.

One in Four focuses on mobilizing voters in the State of Pennsylvania.
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